Jumping paws, wagging tails and the bark you get to hear when you have had a long day at work brings you immense joy within. But, having a dog as a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. This responsibility can be  made simpler if you have pet insurance for your adorable friend with paws. 

As playful as they can be, they need constant watch, care, and attention. Thus, protection from unfortunate incidents becomes more than necessary. Pet insurance in India is not very common. You will seldom hear people talk about it. In this read, we are going to cover everything that  you need to know about dog insurance. 

What is dog insurance?

Simply put, it is a health insurance policy meant to cover all kinds of medical urgencies and requirements for your dog. The coverage offered by Hello Zindagi’s pet insurance for dogs is pretty extensive and diverse. It covers the following aspects:

Terminal Illness

It is heartbreaking to see your own pet suffer in pain. But it is always wise to plan a few steps ahead. Hello Zindagi’s pet insurance covers terminal illnesses. From vet bills to diagnostics coverage, we offer protection so that you don’t suffer financially in your time of trauma. 

Death & Funeral

Enduring the death of your dog can be one of the most  emotionally  difficult times in your life. To ease your finances, we offer to cover all expenses related to the death and funeral of your beloved pet. From burial to cremation, it has all you need in your tough times!

Surgery & Treatment

If your vet recommends a surgery or a continual treatment for your paw buddy, our dog insurance covers the expenses of surgery and treatment. It also covers the medical expenses during and after the surgery has happened. 

Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses

A treatment isn’t limited just to admission in the hospital. From all the tests written to the medication expenses, everything is covered upto 15 days before hospitalization.

Why choose Hello Zindagi’s Pet Insurance in India?

A pet is  the most adored family member. You cannot imagine your life without them for a day. We understand this and we care for your pet too. With a noble intent, we ask you to consider insuring your dog by Hello Zindagi because of the following reasons listed below:

Swift Policy Issuance

No matter which policy you are interested in buying, the issuance procedure is pretty quick with us. All you need to do is provide us with the required  details, pick your plan, make the payment and you are set for life! 

Comprehensive Coverage

Hello Zindagi’s pet insurance offers a wide and diverse coverage that becomes a big umbrella for all your dog’s medical requirements. It also has add-on coverage of online veterinary consultation, third party liability, lost and stolen cover and emergency pet minding expenses.

Pocket-friendly Premium

The premium can be customized as per your requirement. This won’t pinch your pocket and wouldn’t hurt your savings at all. You can start as soon as you begin earning. 

Quick Claim Settlement

Once your pet has recovered, we know the adrenaline rush to just take them home and nap peacefully or even watch them play. When claim settlement gets delayed, things do get a little messy. With us, you wouldn’t have to go through this at all! 

Your pet insurance claim settlement process won’t take much time as the process is pretty easy, quick and verified. Stay relieved because it is all online and completely hassle-free!

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Dogs are said to be one of the most loving creatures on this planet. If you have one, we know how dear they are to you. They are a part of your family, right? If all your family members have health insurance, it is time your paw buddy has one too!