Accidents are unfortunate. These unplanned, traumatic incidents are not easy to endure, as we all know. But with the rising awareness among everyone these days, getting insured with personal accident insurance is like having your daily cup of coffee.  

Personal Accident Insurance by Hello Zindagi brings you home to a pocket-friendly policy that covers compensation on account of accident or injury caused by accidental, external, or visible causes. It comes under the umbrella of micro insurance offered to make self-protection an easy option for you.  

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage :

Personal Accident Insurance covers the following incidental expenses: 

  • Coverage of Accidental Death – the whole amount would be paid to the nominee on the sudden death of the insured. 
  • Injuries that lead to partial or total disability 
  • Accidental Hospitalization 
  • Broken Bones 
  • Road Ambulance Cover 
Things to know about Personal Accident Insurance

Exceptions :

This covers a lot of things that make your life difficult, but there are certain exceptions that you need to look for, before getting insured. They are: 

  • Self-inflicted injury or suicide 
  • Injuries caused by terrorism or war 
  • Any injury caused by any attempt in committing any kind of illegal activity 
  • Pre-existing injuries or disabilities 
  • Any injury caused when going for an adventure sport or activity 
  • Loss incurred due to childbirth or pregnancy 

Documentation & Claim Process for Personal Accident Insurance :

The documenting procedures are pretty easy and hassle-free as you just need to fill out the proposal form and give the ones that are required for the record. Claiming the insurance is a cakewalk as the verification process can be completed in just 4 simple steps. The premium offered is said to be the lowest in the market and credibility is equally amazing.  

Accidents are just never a good time for anyone. But, what is equally scarring is the unexpected expenses that may come up when you aren’t ready for them. Let’s just say, this little step helps you face the uncertain with seamless care, hope, and support!

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