If you are someone who believes in the importance of little things, then Sachet Insurance is definitely your cup of tea!

What Is Sachet Insurance? 

Protection of certain specified needs that last for a comparatively shorter period of time is known as Sachet Insurance. It can be purchased online and there is no extensive documentation required.  

Coverage Offered in Sachet Insurance:

Sachet Insurance is not restricted to health or vehicle insurance. The duration of the policy varies as per the coverage. With cyber crime on the rise, here are a few examples of what this insurance can cover: 

  • Backpack Insurance 
  • Cab ride Insurance 
  • Insurance from Dengue or a specific disease 
  • Mobile Screen Insurance 

Apart from these, some other examples of this wondrous insurance includes Hospicash insurance which we, at Hello Zindagi, provide to take care of incidental expenses that may occur while you are hospitalized. Then we bring to you, Personal Accident insurance – because accidents can happen, anywhere, anytime! 

Hello Zindagi makes insurance easy, care-free, and hassle free for you. With the variety of protection offered for different circumstances that you may face. From WhatsApp updates to making payments easy, we bring you home to insurance that makes you live your life a little more easily!  

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Eligibility Criteria for Sachet Insurance:

Living in a country where the millennials rule the population, this insurance is targeted to them. The barriers are negligible and are suited for those who are building their insurance portfolio. However, the eligibility depends on the kind of policy you are going to invest in.  

Benefits :

  • Temporary: If you are someone who lives life each day, this insurance is God sent for you. It is suited to meet temporary and short-lived requirements, hence the time period is shorter.  
  • Pricing: It comes at a very nominal pricing and is greatly affordable. This insurance is value for money who do not want to block too much of their income into insurance policies.  
  • Easy Buy & Claim: There ain’t any hassle when you wish to buy or claim your income from Sachet Insurance policies. You can do it from the comfort of your smartphones too!  

Sachet Insurance may not be like the traditional policies you see your parents bragging about, but it is ideal for you if you are looking to protect the little things, like your phone’s screen! It’s always about them, isn’t it? Take each “Sachet” at a time!