Accidents are unfortunate. Whether it happens to us or our loved ones – the trauma remains the same. In such hard times, if you do not have an accident insurance policy, the financial burden is hard to recover from. 

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

An annual insurance policy that covers for the compensation with respect to accidental injuries, disability, or death. The causes of such accidents need to be external, accidental and visible. 

The Benefits Of Purchasing Personal Accident Insurance Individually - Hello Zindagi

Hello Zindagi’s personal accident insurance policy offers you a wide and extensive coverage that covers everything you could ask for. Let’s discuss its benefits offered in intricate detail:


This insurance policy offers coverage for accidental death cover, disablement, accidental hospitalization, broken bones, ambulance cover, and repatriation and funeral expenses.

However, the exclusions include injuries from war, or suicide. It also excludes injuries or accidents caused by engaging in any illegal activities.

Participation in defense operations, injuries from an adventure sport, pregnancy, and pre-existing disease or injuries aren’t covered in this insurance policy. 

Easy Claim Settlements

Nobody wants to go through the traditional processes involved in the claim settlement procedure. Whether you opt for reimbursement or cashless claim, they are easy to settle and verify. In just four simple steps, your insurance settlements take place in the easiest and most effortless way. 


You can add or deduct the benefits available according to your premium and your budget. The plans offered are diverse and you can make payments the way you want to.


Hello Zindagi stands as the sole insurance solution provider with the cheapest premium rates. So if you are thinking if it can fit in your budget, do not think twice. Even if you already have a health insurance policy, this one is going to help you cover your incidental expenses occurring during your hospitalization procedures, putting an ease on your savings. 


We all love our comfort zones when we are curled up on our bed and manage everything with just a good internet connection and our fingertips. Hello Zindagi’s personal accident insurance policy offers you easy assistance over WhatsApp and 24 * 7 customer support to answer all your doubts. By enabling purchasing insurance over WhatsApp, it stands as one of the best personal accident insurance policies in India.

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Accidents are unfortunate, but staying prepared is the key. Do not let any traumatic incidents take away your hard-earned savings in a swipe. Invest and insure yourself with Hello Zindagi’s personal accident insurance for a secure future!