We thrive, we earn, we do everything in our hands to make sure our families are safe from all kinds of mishappenings that exist. One such precautionary step we take is to have a Health Insurance policy for family in hand.  

You may come across various kinds of health insurance plans for family, but unless you know what you need to look for, you may just be lost and end up making a very limited choice for your loved ones and yourself. In this read, we are going to exclusively cover the following aspects: 

  • What Is Health Insurance? 
  • What Are the Points You Need to Remember Before Buying Any Health Insurance Plan for Your Family 

What Is Health Insurance? 

As we age, the quality of our health tends to decrease, unless maintained otherwise. Health Insurance is the rescue you need when you incur medical expenses due to an illness. These expenses could be anything and everything standing between doctor’s consultation fees to hospitalization expenditure.  

Points To Remember Before Buying Health Insurance Plans for Family 

The market today is spoiled for choices, no matter what you look for. But there are certain prerequisites that you should not avoid. They are:   

Exclusions & Inclusions Offered:

 Before keeping a tab on what is included, we would suggest you check what isn’t. Once you know both of them, you can make an informed decision before buying any health insurance. If you do not check these, there is a high chance that your pocket expense may rise considerably.

Picking The Right Company:

This can be tricky, but still manageable. The credibility of the company, the procedure, the support offered – these can be real factors to help you determine the perfect organization. These days, it is easy to surf the Internet and look for all these details before you conclude your decision.

Hello Zindagi Insurance Plan is one such exemplary work to check out. The claims are addressed without any hassles, you get assistance over WhatsApp, and it comes with the credibility of happy customers all across the country. The premium rates are pretty nominal and the document verification processes are hassle-free too. So, check and invest, because it is a long-term investment and shouldn’t go wrong.  

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Waiting Time Period:

The waiting period refers to the time span when you cannot raise the claim of the policy. Sometimes, it includes maternity benefits or some kind of pre-existing diseases. It can also stretch to a few years, depending upon the company and the terms of the plan you would want to purchase.  

New Age Disease Inclusions:

When looking at health insurance plans for family, you need to see if it provides adequate coverage for new-age diseases of today. Today’s generation comes with new pitfalls and shortcomings, and with them arrive the diseases, for which the cure can be pretty expensive. Their inclusion in the Mediclaim policy can help in covering a great deal of unplanned expenses.  

Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenditure:

Inclusion of expenses like consultation fees, tests written by the doctor, treatment expenses, etc. is a must check whenever you are looking out for health insurance plans for family. Take a thorough look at the terms and conditions of the organization before making your investment to avoid hasty decisions. 

Premium & Insured Sum Amounts:

There is a certain amount of premium you need to pay to get a certain amount of coverage, that is how every insurance company works. The amount of premium is directly related to the comprehensiveness of the coverage offered. Thus, you need to understand and look at the policy amount, insured sum, and the premium asked for before making your investment.  

Specific Diseases & Alternative Treatments Coverage:

You need to check the specific diseases that are covered under your Mediclaim policy for family. Does it cover alternative measures like yoga, ayurvedic treatments, etc.? This in-depth analysis is a must for you before you choose your policy.  

Hospital Networks Offered:  

Sometimes, certain organizations do not cover some rural hospitals, or premium hospitals, or maybe even hospitals outside the city. This can burn a hole in your pocket as the expenses might shoot up. Hence, you need to make sure that the network of hospitals offered by the organization is comprehensive so that no matter where you are, you are not unprepared.


As unfortunate as accidents and diseases can be, we need to make sure that the expenses do not come as a shock to you. When you are surfing through health insurance plans for family, the aforementioned details cover the major factors that need to be checked before you invest your hard-earned money. They say “health is wealth” so why not give it to them when they need it the most?