We are people with hectic schedules and multiple priorities. With too many responsibilities to fulfill, we often overlook the content of our health insurance plans. In this read, we are going to take you through all that you need to look for when investing in such policies. 

What Is Health Insurance?

Simply put, health insurance is the ease provided for all kinds of medical costs and expenses incurred during the time of treating an illness.  It includes hospitalization expenses, consultation charges, diagnostics and treatment expenses – as per your subscribed plan . 

There are several kinds of health insurance plans available in the market. While you may check various health insurance plans online, they are easy to adapt once you understand all the inclusions one by one. Too many complexities with several variations can make it pretty confusing and difficult for you to understand it at all.

There are several benefits of owning a health insurance policy. They are:

a. Coverage of various illnesses:

The variety and seriousness of diseases are increasing day by day. Having health insurance that offers comprehensive coverage can help you cope quicker and provide some comfort in the time of trauma. 

b. Tax benefits:

Today, payment of health insurance premium can be done by the primary policyholder and the insurance company by making an arrangement of copayment. This helps in reducing the financial burden that lies solely on the policyholder. 


These days, health insurance policies come with various customization options available. It includes customized premiums, budget control, extensive coverage as per your choice and what not! Health insurance provides  protection from unforeseen medical expenses that may occur.

When talking about health covers, Hello Zindagi offers two miniature annexures to its health insurance – Personal accident insurance and Hospicash insurance. With simple and concrete amendments, you can avail these policies along with your mediclaim policy. Hello Zindagi offers easy settlements and constant assistance to make sure you aren’t lost midway in the process. 

Were you aware of this? If the answer is negative, you might not have carefully read  your policy’s guidelines.

Reading your health insurance plans has its own benefits. The most significant ones include:

  1. You get to know about the privileges included in your health insurance. Most of us don’t even know about the significant inclusions that can make our lives easier. 
  2. The exclusions are equally important to know. It saves your time, helps you plan better and ensures a prevention of downfall in your savings. 
  3. The customized premiums save you from higher risks of putting in more money than your budget allows you to. It gives you a solution to manage both your income and savings accordingly
  4. Knowing the settlement process can help you identify the documentation necessary for making your claim. It helps you differentiate the unwanted from the essential. 
  5. Lastly, it helps you provide valuable guidance to your family.


Not knowing your privileges while making an investment in a health insurance policy is the same as not knowing your rights as a citizen of your country. You may have one of the best health insurance plans, but not being aware never helps. Once you invest, make sure you read the brochure of the policy thoroughly. It will not only give you a fair idea of how the policy  works, but will also help you eliminate what’s unnecessary. 

Having health insurance is important, but knowing your health insurance is even more important. After all, health is an important factor that makes everything fall in place, isn’t it?