Let’s take you through the selected criteria’s that will help you buy the best health insurance plans for senior citizens. 

Always select plans that have lesser pre-existing diseases waiting period. As senior citizens are likely to catch symptoms of an underlying medical condition. Hence, you should opt for a health plan that suits the condition of being affected by a pre- existing disease after preferably be of a smaller waiting period of say 1 to 2 years. 

One must also look for insurers that relate to many hospitals. So we know the elderly are more prone to diseases and hence may require frequent hospitalization or doctor’s consultation.

A health insurance plan that comes with a cashless hospitalization is something you must seek. This becomes even more necessary if the elderly parent (s) are living far or alone. 

Hello Zindagi insurance for senior citizen will allow a smooth health insurance for elderly that costs less and saves more. Stay assured of a smooth journey on the medical expenses. You can opt for plans that will ensure 

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How to choose a plan for Senior Citizen?

Choose Plans with Free Medical Check-up Facility that will help you in a timely diagnosis and may help with picking the best decision at the right time. 

A lot of people these days are also going for no claim bonus benefit health insurance plans 2022 which is when the benefit increases your policy sum insured by a percentage fixed by the policy holder in case no claims are made on the policy in the previous year. 

Senior Citizens above the age of 60 qualify for special criteria and reservations in all areas. Health insurance options for senior citizens have also increased in the past few years.

However, there is always a balancing factor that emerges between premium affordability and the many benefits of health insurance for senior citizens.

The private, as well as government sectors, are sprawling with options for insurance plans for senior citizens. Picking the right health insurance plan that suits your personalized needs then becomes imperative. 


Often due to a prolonged illness or a preexisting ailment, health insurance holders reject a new policy application of such an applicant.

This, however, is quite common amongst people aged above 60, and this is the sole reason people in  past have always neglected this age group and have hesitated in offering them an insurance plan.

Policyholders are now increasingly sophisticated in catering to senior citizens who suffer from similar chronic or moderate ailments.

There are detailed and highly customized health insurance plans in 2022 available that are affordable to buy and effective to utilize. So, despite comorbidities senior citizens nowadays can easily get health.