Accidents can take place when you least expect it to. It drains our minds, savings, and efforts quicker than we can think of. Life’s uncertainty cannot be predicted, but being a little prepared for it can help you and your family in the best way possible. 

how to claim accident insurance policy in case of an accident- Hello Zindagi

What Is A Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

As the name suggests, it is the compensation provided by your insurance provider for your hospitalization due to accidental, external, and visible causes. It offers a diverse coverage of the accident and death to support you and your family during the time of trauma. 

Hello Zindagi offers a very diverse coverage in its personal accident insurance policy. It gives you the following facilities:

  • Accidental death cover where the person insured sustains injuries of the accident directly and independently of all other causes that results in the death of the person.
  • Permanent, partial, or total disability cover of the insured person.
  • Accidental hospitalization
  • Cover for broken bones
  • Cover for road ambulance services
  • Repatriation and expenditure for the funeral coverage. 

The accidental insurance policy by Hello Zindagi gives the insured a breather when it comes to the expenses that occur during hospitalization.

As convenient as this policy is, it also assures an easy flow of the settlement processes between the insurance solution provider and the insured person or the hospital. The process for settlement is pretty easy. It involves four basic steps, they are:


Once you have claimed for settlement, you need to provide an intimation to us. This process is made easy by visiting our website online to make sure your comfort is taken care of. 


Filling out our proposal form is an important step. Here you would be asked basic details like your contact details, your bill amount, etc. This step must be done right to make sure the next step can be done easily.

Upload Documents

From consultation to diagnosis expenses, every document or bill that you deem necessary for authentication must be uploaded here. 


Get verified by us in the shortest possible time and relax because your job is done here. The claim gets directly settled between us and the hospital. However, please make sure the hospital you choose to be admitted in is enlisted in our network of hospitals. 

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Accidents are hard and impossible to prevent. But you can prevent your savings from going down the drain by making an investment in personal accident insurance policy today. The premium rates are low, there is customization available in any plan you take, and you can start as per your budget. Care to invest today, stay carefree tomorrow!