Family is not an important thing. It’s everything” – Michael J. Fox.

No matter how beautiful the words get, we all know how important our families are to us. We earn for them, we pray for them, and we always want them to be safe, happy and healthy. Isn’t it? 

When we start earning well, the first thing that comes to our mind is to have a mediclaim policy for family.

The insured amount varies from person to person, but health insurance benefit is one thing that always remains on the checklist.

In this read, we are going to exclusively cover the following aspects:

  • What is mediclaim policy?
  • How many types of mediclaim policy exists?
  • Benefits of having a cashless mediclaim insurance
  • How to get yourself a cashless mediclaim policy?

What is Mediclaim Policy?

Mediclaim policy or health insurance policy helps you to cope with medical illnesses and hospitalization emergencies with utmost care. It helps the insured to only focus on the treatment and recovery as the expenses of hospitalization are taken care of in this policy. 

Hello Zindagi offers health insurance benefits like no other! From offering 24*7 assistance over WhatsApp to hassle-free document verification, the perks offered are endless and at very nominal rates.

The plan you choose can be customized at your own suitability. Hello Zindagi offers you a premium at the most nominal rates in the market and thus wins over the credibility of more than 7 million customers.

What Are The Types Of Mediclaim Policies?

When you are looking to settle your claim, there are two kinds of mediclaim policy that are widely popular among all. They are:

a. Reimbursement:

Being the first one among the two, it is usually the traditional one that almost everyone knows of. If you choose this option when opting for a mediclaim policy for family members, know that at the time of treatment, you need to first pay the claim out of your own pocket.

Sometimes, this policy does not cover the incidental hospital expenses that may incur.

b. Cashless –

Known to be the most popular among everyone these days, this kind of health insurance is as hassle-free as it sounds.

In this policy, the claim is directly settled between the hospital and the insurance company. There is no need to pay first, thus the name “cashless”. 

Benefits Of A Cashless Mediclaim Policy

  • It acts as a real substitute for cash in case of emergencies.
  • The paperwork needed is pretty simple, smooth, and hassle-free
  • There is zero waiting period as the settlement happens directly between the hospital and the organization.

How To Get Yourself A Cashless Mediclaim Policy?

If you are looking to get yourself or your family a cashless mediclaim policy, we are here to guide you well. Here are the steps below to get yourself a cashless health insurance policy by Hello Zindagi:

  1. Visit the hospital (make sure it is one of the network hospitals that you have yourself in)
  2. Get yourself verified and submit the pre-authorization form with Future Generali
  3. Admit yourself without having to pay any cash 
  4. Once discharged, your papers would be sent to FG and the settlement authorized would be directly sent to the hospital.

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When picking a mediclaim policy for family members, we always suggest you go for a cashless claim policy. The procedures involved are pretty easy and credible, and in the end, your comfort isn’t compromised.

Hospitalization of self or any family member is really a tough time to go through. Accidents and hospitalization are inevitable, but their expenses can be manageable if you plan better by staying a step ahead.