Let’s begin by understanding the state of health insurance in rural India.

As we know over half of the population in rural India lives below the poverty line. Most people in rural areas survive in the low-income group and where its already difficult for them to afford food twice a day, it is next to impossible for them to even be aware of the health insurance leave alone their benefits.

Also, the insurance companies require a lot of paperwork for sanctioning the policies which is difficult for the rural population to produce. While selecting the rural population it is imperative to understand that these policies should be handy to own and feasible to use.

he group of people here come with their special needs that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, life insurance policies for the rural population should be However, their lack of resources and awareness makes them even more susceptible to frequent health emergencies and a health insurance plan is just right! Hello Zindagi with its specialized insurance plan suits the rural group by helping them reap maximum benefits of health insurance policies.

Why Is There A Need For Health Insurance In Rural Families?

  1. These families are most prone to medical emergencies and diseases. Several times, they are badly affected by epidemics and contagious diseases
  2.  Due to lack of proper treatment, healthcare, sanitation, contamination and education facilities, their medical expense is unplanned and frequent when compared with the urban groups.
  3. Health and wellness centres in rural areas along with advanced medical facilities is quite rare and also difficult to find. For the treatment of a chronic ailment or even the critical disease one has to seek medical care from the nearby cities or town.
  4. These facilities and treatments however come at a cost, most of which becomes difficult for rural groups to afford. Therefore, the need of health insurance in rural India.

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Health Insurance Benefit Will Be Multi Facet:

These policies will firstly help in making these rural groups aware of their situation and the inevitable adversities that follow. This will make them look out for solution, which lies in health insurance plans.

Despite the lack of awareness, rural India suffers from a serious financial crunch. This is the sole reason why the rural Indian population cannot afford to buy even the most basic health insurance plans.

Not only will investing in one help them afford the untimely medical expense (which is quite common in rural areas) but also help them plan a structured medical help for themselves and their family.