No one wants to meet misery like an accident, but one can prevent it and protect oneself and family from the untimely crisis. In some cases, an accident means permanent or temporary disability or partial or total disability.

This means immediate hospitalizations requiring an off from work and extensive medical bills. Untimely tragedies can also sometimes even be the cause of loss of life and cause emotional trauma.

To deal with all this may take time but the financial burden can be kept at bay with a good personal accident policy in place. 

We are surrounded by personal accident covers from every company small scale to large scale, but there is always one insurance plan that is exactly right for you.

The plan is to invest in minimum while getting maximum cover. At Hello Zindagi, you can personalize your insurance policies according to your own specific needs and choices.

What does a Personal Accident Insurance Covers?

A good personal accident cover ensures financial security for you and your loved ones in times of crisis. These policies are specially crafted to extend financial aid to friends and family who are dealing with the consequences of an accident. 

Now Let Us Look At Some Benefits Of The Accidental Insurance Policy

1. This is the fundamental difference between a health policy and a personal accident policy: with a personal accident policy, if you are insured against accidental death, your nominee receives the full amount guaranteed by your insurance provider. Another criterion that allows total compensation of the sum assured is permanent total disablement. Broken bones and burns allow for up to 10% of the sum assured. 

2. A daily allowance is provided to the policyholder by their personal accident insurance as financial assistance while they are hospitalised. Following an accident, ambulance expenses are also covered under the coverage.

3. One does not need to adhere to compliances like undergoing medical tests or document submission to avail one of this cover. Getting the claim in time is as easy as making some phone calls.  

4. You can access the coverage from anywhere in the world.

5. All you need to cover your family is one plan. 

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Anyone 65 or less, years of age, can buy a personal accident policy online and avail this cover. Such a plan can take your burden from the mounting medical expense away and lets you focus on your recovery and family.

To ensure that the policy’s benefits continue to go to the proper people and places, the following exclusions have been put in place. Exceptions like accidents under the influence of alcohol, intentional accidents caused to oneself, and more.

Expansion in the Indian infrastructure is also leading to an escalation in the population on the roads owning cars and bikes, hence a situation like this is common to hear.

While these policies are a compulsory investment for everyone in today’s time, one must not forget that prevention is always better than cure and following rules and safety regulations is a foolproof way of doing that.