There are four basic needs to mankind’s survival – Food, clothing, shelter, and health insurance. But in today’s day and age where every problem has a solution if one is looking in the right direction, and insurance policies with hospital cash benefits aren’t far behind.

When we talk about hospital daily cash benefit, we talk about covering the daily expenses that may seem trivial at first, but can escalate in no time.

This is when Hello Zindagi comes to your rescue through Hospicash Insurance policy.

In this article, we are going to take you through each of the following:

  • What can be covered under the Hospital Daily Cash Policy?
  • Exclusions to look before investing in Hospicash Insurance
  • Claim procedures

Coverage Offered Under Hospicash Insurance

We give the idea of having Hospicash Insurance for hospital cash benefits to be combined with your health insurance policy as not only is it safe, but also a necessity. Incidental expenses like conveyance come under this blanket.

You get a fixed amount of benefit on a per day basis, so that your family or your loved ones can endure the traumatic time with care. It covers:

  • Daily hospitalization expenses for up to 30 days
  • ICU benefit in the city of residence for 10 days
  • ICU benefit in a city different from that of residence for up to 10 days
  • Additional convalescence benefit in case the ICU stay is more than 10 days


No matter how intricate this policy can be, it does have some areas of concern that you need to check before you invest. The hospital daily cash benefit in this insurance policy cannot be invested in if:

  1. There is a pre-existing disease 
  2. You plan to have a cosmetic surgery
  3. You have a treatment outside India
  4. You have self-inflicted injuries like injury from suicide, etc.
  5. You are taking non-allopathic treatment or medication

Claim Procedures

No matter how complex the case is, the claim procedures are pretty easy to follow. It takes just four simple steps to make the settlement, because it is your care and comfort that comes first. They are:

  • Intimation
  • Fill up the survey or the proposal form 
  • Upload the documents (if required) asked for in the requisite section
  • Verify & wait

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The importance of having a hospital cash benefit along with your health insurance policy is that you don’t have to care much about the incidental expenses that may take you by surprise sometimes. It keeps you prepared and lets you focus only on the treatment you or your loved one is going to get.

This is a perfect sachet insurance example which must be in your kitty, every time you get your loved ones a health insurance policy. We all want our loved ones to be safe. Why not start by reducing the unpredictability that life has to offer? Invest & protect them today!