Life is about unpredictability and we couldn’t agree more! Unpredictability, on the other hand, maybe tolerated with ease with a little planning.

What Is Hospicash Insurance? 

When you get admitted to a hospital, no matter how much you plan, some expenses go out of your pocket instead of your traditional policy cover. These incidental expenses are covered if you have Hospicash Insurance handy.  

Hospicash - Saving You From Unprecedented Expenses 

Coverage Offered in Hospicash Insurance:

A pretty good example of micro insurance, Hospicash Insurance tends to provide coverage of: 

  • Daily hospitalization expenses (upto 30 days) 
  • ICU Benefit (upto 10 days) 

Apart from the medical costs, this beauty also brings you additional convalescence benefits, in case the number of days exceeds 10, once per hospitalization event. 

Hello Zindagi’s Hospicash Insurance is the talk of the town these days. With the credibility and care bought together, it makes sure you and your family sail through your time of trauma.    


As amazing as this may seem to you, there are certain areas of caution that you need to look into before you claim, as it does not cover: 

  • Pre-existing diseases (these will only be covered after a waiting period of 48 months) 
  • Specific diseases (like Prostatic Hypertrophy, Hernia, and its variants) 
  • Diseases that are being treated with non-allopathic medicines 
  • Cosmetic surgeries  
  • Self-inflicted Injury (like STDs, HIV/AIDS, etc.) 
  • Diagnosis and treatment done for any disease outside of India 

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Hospicash Insurance Benefits: 

  • It stands easy to claim and can be recovered without having to keep a tab on actual billings.
  • The documentation required is pretty minimal and concise. 
  • Can be paid online, even through the comfort of your smartphones! 

Hospicash Insurance is like a savior that prevents you from burning a hole in your pocket if some unforeseen event has just happened to you. It is like the friend that sits by your side when you need a little support to start all over again. Get hospicash, get secured!