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Once we step into the professional world and become independent, the first thing we plan for are unplanned expenses. One such expenditure is health insurance.

Now, no matter how extensive the coverage offered is, there are certain expenses that go out of your pocket and can cause a major imbalance in your budget.

These incidental expenses seem too trivial at first, but get difficult to cope with as the time span increases. This is where Hospicash Insurance becomes a safe net to invest for yourself and your family.

What Is Hospicash Insurance?

Known to cover the minimal or trivial expenses that take place once you or your loved ones are hospitalized. Becoming one of the most popular sachet insurance in demand, it helps you cope with these tough times without having to worry about anything else but recovery.

Hello Zindagi Hospicash Insurance is one of a kind to have in your insurance kitty. Not only is the support and assistance easily offered on WhatsApp, the premium rates are pretty nominal to pay for. Trusted by many customers worldwide, Hello Zindagi is your escape to enduring tough times with diligence and care.

Coverage Offered

Hopsicash Insurance by Hello Zindagi is basically like a daily hospitalization plan that covers all your expenses effortlessly. There are two plans offered, namely – Gold & Platinum. The salient features of this insurance are mentioned below:

a. Daily Hospitalization Benefit: 

As per your chosen plan, there is cash benefit provided on a per day basis, for up to 30 days. 

b. ICU Benefit:

If by any chance, you have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital, then there are cash benefits on a per day basis for that situation as well. 

c. Additional Convalescence Benefit:

As per the plan, there is additional convalescence benefit provided for hospitalization events that take place for more than ten days. 

No matter how extensive this insurance may seem to be, there are some exclusions that you need to take care of, before investing your money. They are:


  1. Pre-existing diseases
  2. Medication of non-allopathic nature
  3. Suicide/Self-inflicted injuries
  4. Treatments taking place outside India
  5. Cosmetic Surgery

Claim Procedures

The procedure to claim the Hospicash Insurance is basically a four-step process that is easy to follow. It basically includes:

  1. Intimation of the claim
  2. Filling the survey or proposal form
  3. Uploading the requisite documents
  4. Verification and completion 

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The incidental expenses incurred whenever our loved ones are admitted in the hospital vary and may pinch our pockets quite deeply. Hospicash Insurance is your escape from these expenses, in the most effortless way possible. The claim process is equally hassle-free and the premium rates are pretty nominal too. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, do not let a traumatic incident scar you in more ways than it already can.

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