“The purpose of life, is a life of purpose” 

As true as this saying can get, it is never a bad time to plan a few steps ahead to avoid unforeseen hiccups. Insurance brings you a step closer to this.  

As simple as it can get, getting insured with Hello Zindagi is like having an umbrella handy on a rainy day. The documents needed are basic, the procedures are hassle-free, and the payments are as per your choices made.  

When we talk of getting protected, the market you look at is spoiled for choices. In this read, we are going to talk about the five kinds of insurance policies that have become a necessity. Clearing your doubts, we will provide you a detailed description of each, one by one: 

1. Health Insurance 

Health Insurance- Hello Zindagi

“Good health is the best wealth” they say. Protect your and your family’s health with our Health Total policy. We at Hello Zindagi, offer: 

  • Coverage of up to 15 members of the family (depending on the chosen plan) 
  • All hospitalization expenses  
  • Pre & post hospitalization costs borne
  • Day care treatment  

However, it doesn’t cover non-prescribed medications, illness that takes place due to alcohol or drugs, congenital disabilities, hormone replacement therapy, and the injuries caused due to war. The claim can be cashless or reimbursed as per your suitability. Protect and empower your loved ones, today! 

2. Personal Accident Insurance 

As unpredictable accidents can be, planning its expenses is never a bad idea. Hello Zindagi offers an annual policy which provides compensation when injuries, disability, or death occurs solely by violent, external, or visible causes. It covers: 

  • Accidental death 
  • Road ambulance expenses 
  • Expenditure of broken bones 
  • Disability and accidental hospitalization 

3. Hospicash Insurance 

Minimal and concise, this insurance is your escape from the incidental expenses that may occur if you or any of your loved one is admitted in the hospital. It provides daily hospitalization benefits, ICU Admission benefits, and additional convalescence benefits, only to make this traumatic time a little easier to endure.  

Read More About- Hospicash

4. Bike Insurance 

Bike Insurance- 5 Insurance Policies You need- Hello Zindagi

Protect your dearest love on wheels in an instant with Hello Zindagi’s Bike Insurance policy. If you or your bike gets injured, or if it gets damaged by a natural disaster, you can let out a sigh of relief. This policy also offers additional benefits that cover up loss of essential belongings due to the accident, zero depreciation and no claim bonus because we care a little more about you. Ride and fly, live a little more because that is what zindagi is about, isn’t it? 

5. Car Insurance 

If you love your four-wheeler a little more than you love yourself, having Hello Zindagi’s Car Insurance would be like waking up to your favorite breakfast in bed. It provides damage cover, third-party liability, emergency roadside assistance and personal accident cover as well. The claim process is quick and hassle-free, and several add-on covers like zero depreciation, NCB protection, and cover for loss of personal items too. So go on a long drive often because your car rides can give you several moments to live by!  

Isn’t it always a nice option to carry a raincoat when you see the weather can be unpredictable? With these essential policies to get your hands on, you can keep your worries at bay, and live a little more, every day!